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Thanks to the online real estate purchase, you can acquire your dream property without any organisational effort on your part. As the author of your Purchase Agreement and your escrow agent, all communication with us will be carried out online.

The online real estate purchase applies to condominium, single-family houses, parking spaces, and undeveloped land.

In an online real estate purchase, we take care of all the necessary steps for you - you only have to sign the Purchase Agreement. Until then, your presence is not required. We draft the required documents (esp. purchase agreement, escrow agreement, notice of escrow to the Austrian Bar Association.) and coordinate with the individuals involved.

Yes, the acceptance of the purchase price, its safekeeping and payment will be carried out exclusively through the Escrow Register of the Vienna Bar Association, i.e. through particularly safe electronic escrow accounts. Access to these accounts is only possible after being granted the "approval seal" by the Vienna Bar Association. This ensures that both Parties - buyer and seller - meet their obligations and that you will be entered as the buyer in the land register. For more detailed information, go to:

As a rule, the date for the signing of the Agreement can be set within 3 working days from the time you entrust us with the purchase.

Yes. The only prerequisite is that the property is located in Austria.

Of course, you can also contact us by telephone or e-mail or arrange an appointment for a personal meeting.